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Mobile Photography 


Mobile photography is revolutionizing the photography world, point and shoot cameras and its photos are quickly being replaced.  They say, “The best camera you can have, is the one you have with you!”, and people of all ages have a phone and are constantly taking pictures.  Everywhere you look, people are expressing themselves through their photos, and instantly sharing them to social sites with friends and family.  From the delicious plates we’re dining on, to the beautiful views we have before us – we all love to show the world who we are and what we’re doing.  Even professional photographers are winning awards for their camera phone skills.  It’s just cheaper than investing in a point and shoot camera and its equipment.  Plus, with the phone, you could edit before saving or printing it in JPEG format.  Not to mention, “we always have it with us”!

MoPho Accessories

Mobile Lenses for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi

While mobile photography is on the rise, manufacturers are racing to keep up with the ever-growing digital trend!  From selfie sticks and tripods, to mobile lenses that are made for smartphones, there is everything you need to get the same bold and beautiful images that our very own point and shoot camera could produce.  They’re small, lightweight, they easily and securely clip to your smartphone and you’re ready to shoot!

Mobile Lenses

  • Fish Eye Lens Gives your image that playful distorted look. Put in the right hands, some fun and creative images can certainly be captured! (Hint: Check out this article on different ways to get creative with your fish eye lens.)
Mobile Fisheye Lens
    • Wide Angle Lens It’s the most commonly used, being that it just fits more into your photo – especially if you’re your own photographer in a group photo! Otherwise, it’s perfect for taking landscape pictures on the go.
    Mobile Wide Angle Lens
      • Macro or 15x Super Macro Lens Get those EXTREME CLOSE-UPS of tiny objects with these lenses. Objects like a dew of rain, or a lady bug on grass blades.  (Check out this article on Mobile Macro Photography)
      Mobile Macro Lens
        • 8x or 12x Optical Zoom Telephoto Lens With most phones, once you zoom in your resolution decreases and gives your image that grainy look and finish. This lens is best used for those long shots, such as nature photography, or sports photography, that your phone can’t otherwise focus on.  Best used with a tripod to make your shot more steady. 
        Telephoto Lens
        • CPL Lens These lenses are meant to reduce the glare that comes from non-metallic surfaces, such as water or glass.

           Mobile CPL Lens

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            Shop Owner

            Hi, my name is Leanna Williams, and I am the shop owner here at Picture it Mobile.  I am a born and raised Alaskan, raising my own family in Oregon.  Though I am no pro, I've been interested in photography since I can remember.  Even as a kid with a camera, my shots had to be perfect!

            Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to pursue any kind of career.  It never even entered my mind.  I spent most of my adulthood working minimum wage jobs, but I loved it!  Not the money, but the connection made with my customers.  Living in Alaska, I met tourists from all over the world!  However, as I got older, my family got bigger, and my coworkers got younger.  It was time for a change!

            My mission is to provide a quick and easy shopping experience for my fellow photographers as well as fast and friendly service.  I don’t want to just send them off with what they’re looking for, but a quality product that is guaranteed to improve their photos!

            My goal is to help photography enthusiasts get more out of their smartphone images by providing them the equipment needed for mobile photography.   I have chosen all the products myself, products that were rated by satisfied customers, and come from reputable suppliers.  As I chose each product, I had my own customers in mind…. the Instagramers, the travelers, and the street photographers.  Only the best products were chosen!


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